Yanni Live at Lebanon،Byblos Festival 2013

Yanni Live at Lebanon،Byblos Festival 2013
City of Byblos north of Beirut in Lebanon is located in the coastal areas of ancient very old world is considered. Excavations of the remains of the medieval Crusades and is one of the ancient most of the world has become.
Byblos goes back to seven thousand years ago, a small group of fishermen vowed new rock suites and cottages on the shores of Beirut settled that still remains in the area there. Bronze Age MILLENNUM of this region in early MILAD to became an important center for shipping and the Pharaohs and royal tombs and other countries to build ships and their spiritual ceremonies timber and timber needed Nva great relationship with the city and in return they Nva on the precious treasures were sent to Byblos. This process continued until Salhl Mvryt tribes of the desert to the coastal area of Byblos attacked the fire began, but then settled in the city , the city built Radvbarh.
Egypt is again sending gifts to maintain their relationship. The way many treasures can be found in the tombs of the kings of Byblos realized the wealth of the city.
In the year 1300 BC. The group , known to the people of the sea from the north to the East Mediterranean, and they settled in the area that is now known to them in the name of Phoenicia.
During this writing, the most common found in Byblos, and in 800 AD the Greek way. In the first millennium BC , Byblos trade with the Assyrians and Babylonians make profitable trades and then Iran will communicate. The little city in the Bronze Age and the early years of the base defense of Iran was considered.
Byblos after the conquest of Alexander the Macedonian language, Greek was introduced at Byblos and the culture and traditions of the people of Byblos by the Greeks in the combined
After the Greeks, the Romans, the Byblos ruling and temples and baths and public buildings, many in the series. Today Byblos city full of prosperity and the new, the heart of historic and old and is a blend of traditions. Port old , too, the sea and resists the excavations of the remains of ancient crusaders and the churches and markets of old walls and ancient medieval with countless dining, hotels, and a variety of colorful shops, street beautiful combination The architecture of the ancient and modern can be seen.
Today, the city of Byblos, Lebanon is considered one of the tourist areas and year thousands of tourists from different parts of the country are going to see it.


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